Star Wars Force Collection




Card-collection and strategy, Star Wars style


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Star Wars Force Collection is a strategy and card collection game in which you gather the cards of different characters from the Star Wars universe in order to create your own deck to use in strategic battles.

The two main playing modes in Star Wars Force Collection are a one-player campaign and PvP duels. In the first, you participate in many different missions and are rewarded with a random new card, for example Yoda, Ben Kenobi, Han Solo, etc.

In the second, Player Versus Player, you can send your (previously organized) squadrons into battle against other players. The winner of the battle will win blueprints to use to plan more formidable attacks.

Star Wars Force Collection is a simple strategy game that is mainly attractive because it holds the official Star Wars licensing. Thanks to that fact, you can enjoy playing with some of cinema's most legendary characters, all to the tune of the movies' excellent soundtrack.
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